Senior Moments

A Senior Day Program and Resource Center for Older Adults and their Families

Senior Moments is a senior program and resource center for older adults and their families. Senior Moments will emulate the comfortable, familiar feeling of visiting a local, small town meeting spot. Please call us for a tour of our center.




Our mission is to provide a unique health care service that embraces individuality, dignity, and personal choice.

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Our vision is to assist seniors to function at their highest level of abilities, support independence and to improve health despite chronic disease or memory impairment. We believe that flexible and individualized supportive systems are key elements in this process.


1) To promote a fuller life by engaging clients in activities that are enjoyable and meaningful to them.

2) To give respite and peace of mind to caregivers by providing a supportive environment.

3) To use the medical model of care to promote health and wellness.

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Senior Moments Floor Plan.

Senior Moments Brochure.

Senior Moments Free Complimentary Day!